The Waybright Family home page

This page was created as a place for members of the extended Waybright family to share information. This page is maintained by Neil Waybright, Allison Waybright and Lisa Zanish (nee Waybright). It is still under construction. We are still casting about for ways to make it more useful for the family without creating something that will get everyone who participates buried in spam. If you can think of a service we can perform, please let me know at

We would like to thank our benefactor Chad Waybright, who had registered the domain and let us have it to set the site up.

Good Pages:

This is an educational page, generated entirely by hand in XHTML 1.0 transitional XML. No page generating programs like Front Page or Dreamweaver were used. When my daughter Allison was 10 she learned how to write HTML using vi in under a half an hour. She wrote the inital versions of all of this....
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