Misc. UNIX and Networking Utilities 

Links to Solaris and UNIX utilities and such stuff

TCP Off-loading is not a good idea
This is part of the reason why
DNS References
University of Utah DNS tools page (web front-end for DNS maintenance)
Interesting WWW Sites
Introduction to Unix System Administration (course materials from an Ohio State course)
Introduction to Unix (course materials from Ohio State University course)
TPC Benchmark Results
Ethernet MAC Vendor Assignments
USENIX Home Page
The Greater Scroll of Console Knowledge
The Lesser Scroll of Console Knowledge
The SunHelp Serial Page (formerly Celeste Stokley's Serial Port Resources)
Brookhaven NTP Page
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Home Page
LDAP Home Page
Secure Shell (ssh) Home Page
Apache Home Page
Apache Week Magazine
Linux Gazette
SCSI Cable and terminology page
How to Net Boot and Net Install an IRIX system
A truly wonderous hardware/cable/etc. handbook
13W3 Video Connector Pin-outs (SGI, SUN, RS-6000, etc.)
How to read email headers (in order to track SPAM for instance)

Sun Stuff

The SE Performance Toolkit - Release (covers Solaris 2.4 - 2.5.1)
The SE Performance Toolkit - Release 3.0 (covers Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6)
Sun Performance Page
Pre-compiled Solaris Software in pkgadd format
Solaris X86 Software Links
Casper's ftp site (some cool Solaris stuff)
Useful tools for Sun workstations and Solaris
SunService Public Patch Page (SMCC recommended patches)
SunSoft Support Resolutions Answer Center - Recommended Patches
Solaris X86 Hardware Compatability List


SUN SPARCstorage Array Information


Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Home Page
Ethernet Capacity
Data Communications Magazine

Secure Programming

SunWorld-Online Secure Programming Hints
Designing Secure Software
Security Code Review Guidelines
Writing Safe SUID Programs
Shifting the Odds - Writing more secure Code (also in .ps)
How To Find Security Holes

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