Neil's Security Page

This page contains links to various security information sites. Some are better than others, but it helps to have a broad base when you are looking for something. 

Links to Security Information

General Security

Gene Spafford's hotlist
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Evaluated Products List (EPL) from the Trusted Product Evaluation Program (TPEP)
Ronald L. Rivest : HomePage
Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric Ciphers
State Transition Analysis Tool for UNIX (paper in Post Script format)
Casper Dik's File Mode Fixer for Solaris
Raptor's Security Library (fairly complete)
CIAC Security Tools
The Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) project at Purdue University
RSA's Home Page
The Rotherwick Firewall Resource - Point of Attack
Protecting Email
Secure Syslog
Redhat Crypto Site
Linux Security HowTo
SHADOW Report on Coordinated Attacks on the Internet
Trinix - A Security Toolkit For Linux
Did Ken Thompson create the first UNIX virus? (search for the words "I planted")
Techtronic (Security/Exploits/Utilities)
TIS Toolkit FAQ

NT Security

ISS Home Page, a fair library, and a decent list of exploits
NTBUGTRAQ home page (usually something worth looking at)
L0pht (home of some neat utilities)

Cheap (Free) Firewalls, etc.

Firewall Toolkit
TAMU Drawbridge
COAST's Firewall Software Links

Privacy Stuff/Hacker Links

Bacard's Privacy Page
Defcon Home Page
Hacked Inhabitants
The Hacker's Choice
l0pht (have a great NT passwd cracking tool and lots of other goodies)
The Deception Toolkit

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